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  Rest dog

REST ( Remote Explosive Scent Tracing )
REST is a certified screening method that efficiently screen large volume of cargo for any specific target odor with high accuracy rate and in the most cost efficient way.
Screen large number of shipping container per hour.
- High detection rate.
- Easy to mobilize to operational level in few days.
- Cost Efficient.
- EU and TSA approved primary cargo screening method.

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Free Running (EDD)
K2 Europe operates in an industry where quality service is a must. K-2 Europe EDD teams efficiently secure your business operations.
Airport terminal & Airlines.
- Shipping terminals
- Cargo handling facilities
- Ports.


  Passenger search dogs

Securing transportation, while ensuring its smooth functioning, is essential to national security and economic prosperity. (9).jpg (5).jpg

  Additional K-9 Products

- Roadside K-9 (SSD)
TEAM 4 specialized service Dog(SSD) is an IED search dog that located IED along the open routes Securing troops and convoy movement.
- Explosive detection Dog EDD
TEAM 4 EDD are trained to search independently for hidden explosives or explosive traces.
- Tactical dogs
TEAM 4 tactical K-9 are supporting armed forces and police units in several countries.
- Patrol dogs
TEAM 4 Patrol K-9 are trained to track detect and apprehend in open area or building.


   K-9 Sale

A well trained dog is the foundation for every successful K-9 security operation.
Powered by EASTWIND select quality green dogs our world renowned professionals train them to operational excellence.
Our trained canines come with a performance guarantee. They are true assets to your operation.
K2 Europe offers trained K-9 in the following disciplines:
- Free Running Dogs (EDD).
- Specialized Search Dogs ( IEDD).
- Passenger Search Dogs (PSD).
- Check Point Dogs (CPD).
- Tactical Dogs.
We provide custom training to your specific k-9 operational needs.



Backed by years of technical and operational experience K2 Europe technical team is a class of its own.
Design, implement, augment or simply audit your K-9 security operation. Our team is your first line of defense against operational inefficiency.
K-9 unit design and set up.
- Handler training and capacity building.
- K-9 procurement
- Operation auditing.

In Operation :-

Airport & Airline Security.

- Cargo Screening.

- Shipping Terminals.

- Critical Infrastructure.

- Public Transport Terminals.

- Shipping lines and Cruisers.



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