About Us

Tech Empowered Canine Solutions Company

Operating out of Amsterdam, K2 Europe is an innovation-driven company that offers high tech K-9 solutions for challenges in transportation security, military defense, healthcare and plant protection.

Our proprietary detection method of Remote Scent Tracing (RST) fuses progressive technology with the unlimited detection capabilities of highly trained K-9s.

K2 Europe’s superior training methods and commitment to excellence in canine-solution delivery makes us the partner of choice for challenging missions.

K2 Europe’s expertise in applying the RST system has allowed us to conquer new frontiers in target odor screening.

Our K-9s are on the frontlines of transportation, military and biosecurity operations in various areas across the world.

We are leaders in our field and are unmatched in our scope, precision and success rate.

K2 Europe understands that in a world in which change is the only constant, security threats have become diverse and complex, therefore our solutions must be the same.

We rely on science-based innovation to offer efficient and adaptable methods to conquer all challenges.

Our approach is based on constant learning supported by incomparable field experience.

Why K2 Europe?

It is this dedication to research and flexibility that sets us apart and allows us to command and conquer each mission.
The following principles are our guidelines for providing K-9 solutions to the challenges we undertake:

Applied Innovations

Extended industry specific

Uncompromising quality of

Ethical business practice

Our Mission

To use RST technology to provide the best-in-class K-9 security solutions.

Our Vision

To become the leading provider for K-9 solutions across the globe.

Improved Canine Performance (R&D)

K2 Europe firmly believes that Research & Development is a vital aspect of K-9 deployment.

We understand that human knowledge of canine sensory ability is still limited but constantly expanding.

For this reason, we work hand-in-hand with private and public universities and specialized animal behavior research institutes to develop and apply new systems of training and performance enhancement.

This dedication to applied canine science has led K2 Europe’s Improved Canine Performance Department (ICP) to raise the bar in the discharge of canine abilities through RST innovation.

We are pushing the frontiers of canine detection in the fields of transportation security, military security, health care and plant protection. Our ICP department includes over 500 dogs and is supported by canine deployment centers in The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt.

We are confident that our ceaseless dedication to innovation and science will continue to allow us to provide better canine solutions for your needs, while improving the understanding of canine abilities in general.