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Transportation K2 Security Solutions

Security threats change, but one target remains the same, the transportation industry. Transportaion hubs and vehicles continue to be high-value targets for terrorist attacks.

K2 Europe’s transportation security devision is staffed by highly trained professionals and subject-matter experts.

K2 Europe is one of the very few companies to be licensed by the Ministry of Justice and the Dutch Association for Police Dogs (NBvdD).

We are trusted in our field, experienced in profiling risks, and are remarkably efficient in deploying our K-9 teams on the ground to provide you with an unwavering standard of security.


REST (Remote Explosive Scent Training)

REST is an EU, TSA approved primary screening method that systematically screens large volumes of cargo for any specific target odor with peak accuracy, cost efficiency and speed.

REST dogs offer the following advantages:

  • Accurate Detection.
  • Expeditious Screening ability for a large volume of containers.
  • In-container screening (No need to unload/ reload the shipping container).
  • Cost Efficiency for large scale screening.
  • Ease of deployment (we can have our security teams operational within a week).

Remote Explosive Scent Tracing ( REST) is an innovative primary cargo screening method that systematically screens large volumes of cargo for any specific target odour with peak accuracy

The REST method is based on a two-step operating procedure

  • Volatile materials such as explosives, narcotics or contraband are collected through air sample drawn into a special filter.
  • The filter is presented to a specially trained REST K-9 for analysis.

The REST system allows security personnel to screen large volumes of cargo without the need to unload trucks or to break open containers.

The specially trained REST dog can detect nano quantities of a target odor, greatly increasing security in air cargo and container terminals.

The REST method is time and cost efficient and EU and TSA approved.

Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD)

K2 EUROPE operates in an industry where poor quality is not an option. Our Explosive Detection Dogs (EDDs) are trained to detect explosives, munitions, drugs or any other target odor used by terrorists and criminals. Our dogs search open and confined areas, vehicles and buildings. 

K2 Europe’s EDDs efficiently secure your operation while maintaining seamless work flow in the following transportation hubs:

  • Airport terminal & Airlines.
  • Shipping terminals.
  • Cargo Handling facilities.
  • Train Stations.