Our Solutions

Military K-9 Solutions

Dogs are proven warriors and are indispensable to modern military operations. Their ability to detect and indicate hidden threats supports troop safety and enhances the success of any mission.

K2 Europe’s military K-9s, deployed by TEAM 4, our sister company, are currently supporting troops in high-threat combat zones across the Middle East.

Improvised Explosive Device (IED)

IEDs can inflict untold numbers of troop casualties and destroy army vehicles and infrastructure.

TEAM 4, our sister company, offers specialized service dogs (SSDs) that locate IEDs along open routes.

Our IED dogs are capable of working up to 150 meters away from their handlers, keeping the handlers safe while accomplishing their mission.

Our K-9 teams are trained to work simultaneously in pairs when sweep time is critical for troop movement. Simply stated, they save lives and are currently supporting troops in many conflict areas across the Middle East.

Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD)

K2 Europe EDDs are trained to search independently for hidden explosives or explosive traces.

They are highly trained K-9s useful for both military and civilian security missions.

With precision training and theater experience, these K-9s are ready to mobilize and deploy anywhere in support of troops in conflict areas.


Cross-border tunnels, used for illicit activities and terrorist attacks, are of major concern for many countries. To assist nations in this fight, K2 Europe’s ICP developed tunnel K-9s capable of operating in high depth tunnels.

These specially trained dogs support security forces and perform reconnaissance missions.

K2 Europe’s tunnel dogs have been instrumental in the success of many operations along border areas, vulnerable to criminal and terrorist activities.


K2 Europe’s KNIGHTMARE canines are a special group of signal-guided attack dogs.

They are used to identify and eliminate spotters, terrorist operatives who send signals indicating the location and direction of military convoy route movement.

These camouflaged spotters are a crucial component of terrorist networks and pose a major threat to troop security.

The mission of the KNIGHTMARE K-9 is to unearth these terrorists, before they can signal information about the movement of military ground forces.


In support of military operations in hostile environments, K2 Europe’s Laser Guided K-9s are trained to follow the laser dot for a directed building search.

These dogs are trained to respond to laser dot-marked objects for a change of position, perform searches or neutralize assailants.

K2 Europe’s dogs currently support military personnel and police officers in critical missions across the Middle East.

Patrol dogs

K2 Europe’s Patrol K-9s are trained to trail, detect and apprehend intruders in open areas or buildings.

K2 Europe’s patrol dogs are indispensable tools in security and police operations, particularly for border and parameter control.